I do not know a lot about computers, so I know this is a long shot.
However I really need advice!

I have just got a new computer tower (its second hand) and a monitor from a family member.
Both monitor and tower were in full working order before I brought them home.

However, I attatched my own monitor and my partner altered the resolution, this worked fine.
However, when I next turned my computer on a message comes up on the computer saying `monitor is going to sleep`

this happens on both monitors, and I have no idea what to do!

I wan`t even aware monitors went sleep!
Its most bizzare

and I would be very grateful for some advice.

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Hello, it sounds like the person you got the P.C. from changed the power settings. I know WinXP settings but not Win 7. If XP, go to control panel, then power options and set all those boxes to "never" like, never turn off monitor or hard drive, ect. And set it as "allways on" at the top of the screen. Hope this helps....


If you get this happen as soon as windows boots then it's more likely to be a resolution or refresh rate problem.

Press F8 just after your bios screen and before windows begins and select safe mode. In safe mode, you will be able to lower your resolution and/or refesh rate. If you need instructions on how to do this, we will first need to know what version of windows you have!



Thank-you very much for your help.

I have now set all the settings to `never`

and I found out the reason it wasn`t working was due to the RAM being in the wrongway!!!

How this happened I have no idea.
Thank-you for your advice.

It is very much appreciated


I think there is no problem in your monitor. And no monitor directly go into sleep mood. You can check the power settings of your computer in windows 7 just go to the control panel of your computer then click on to the power option then select the "turn of display" to never and click ok. I think it is enough for your problem.

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