i'm running OS 10.2.8

because i was running out of room because of the 35+ gigs on my itunes/ipod i recently bought a firewire harddrive. after transfering legions of files, various music librarys, etc. when i go to play a song on my itunes i cannot, because itunes 'cannot locate original file'. now i'm not about to go through gigs of stuff to help the computer find each file, so is there an easier way to do it?



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i fixed it, nevermind everyone, false alarm, etc.

instead of moving everything manually if you went into iTunes | Preferences | Advanced and selected your external drive as the storage space and then went to Advanced | Consolidate Library it would have moved everything over itself

how did you fix it?

I would assume the original poster just moved the music files to where iTunes expected them (which varies depending on your setup).

Anyway, if you're experiencing problems, you should create a new thread describing exactly what's happening and what you did, instead of bumping a 3 year-old thread.

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