I recently got a new computer built for me, but when I am playing games, specifically World of Warcraft it keeps restarting itself.

When I first had the computer less than a week ago I played Quake 3 on it and it seemed fine, then I put in a Wirless Card in the PCI slot below the graphics card and it seems to be restarting on games.

I downloaded the .NET Framework version 2 and it seemed to have sorted the problem but then after about 1 hour of play the problem started all over again.

My Spec is:

AMD Athlon 64bit 4000+ with Fan
MSI RD480 Neo2
ATI Radeon x850 XT Fuelled by Sapphire
Sansun 600w PSU
2 x 1GB RAM
2 x Hiper 80 mm UV case fan
300GB 16MB Cache Hard Drive
DVD-RW (cant remember the spec)

I hope this will help you, anything else I will try but my knowledge of computers isnt that vast.

Hope someone can help its driving me nuts.

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Well i was just searching for info about the 600w sansun psu your using and found this.

Sounds like the PSU cannot provide the amount of power your components are requiring without becoming unstable.

Although the power supply is 600W it is a cheap PSU and quoted power values often cannot be trusted.


I have just sorted the problem out, it was the PSU, the voltage has been increased to the graphics card and the problem seems to be sorted. I may get a new PSU which is more expensive.

Thanks for the help.


ok maybe your rig is overheated. Had the same problem as before. Solved it by removing the side panel ang placing a fan near it


this happened to me, it was the PC overheating and shutting itself off to prevent damage. Make sure the vents / fans are dust free and well ventilated. Get it up off the carpet or it will just suck in all the dust from there.

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