Hi every one I am new to the posting thing...
Here is my dilema... Came home the other day and found my dell laptop with the black reboot screen on (the one where you choose which mode to start windows in) and no matter which mode i choose the system gets as far as the black screen with the xp logo in the center then the computer restarts and goes back to the "choose which mode" screen.

I used the cd boot disk and got into recovery panel but at the c promt
C:/windows does not appear

and when I type "dir" at the C prompt I get an error message...

help, I don't want to lose my files.


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If you can reach a C: prompt, please apply the following commands:

1. chkdsk /p
2. chkdsk /r

Please respond with the messages provided.




thanks for the advice I did the two commands and following that xp loaded without difficulty... you are a life saver :)



Okay, My toshiba laptop is doing the same thing, It froze so I just manually restarted it w/ the off/on button, well After that I't wouldnt restart it did exactly what the above posters computers did, It would give me the list of options and no matter what option It goes back after barely getting into the Window's XP loading screen, Im new to this site so Hopefully I get a response soon, I read what the other people did But I honestly have no clue how to get a C promt option up to type those 2 things in. I also don't have a cd to use as well. So if someone could please explain step by step how to recover my laptop w/o losing any data or going to a technician it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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