Hey, I was wondering if there is a way you can use a laptop monitor as a flip down tv screen in an suv, just the monitor, not the whole laptop?? There has to be a way.

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Check it out yo this would be gangsta(O.G)_\|/_ .You drop the laptop in the console and install a DVD plyr in it. And buy a RCA car TV screen used for a $100
and hook it up to the laptop and play all the dirty south beats UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!! You hear what Im laying down for ya playa?

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no no no...what im saying is that I want to use JUST the laptop monitor, meaning i dont want to have the rest of the laptop. i want to take out the monitor and find a way if i can connect or converty the ribbons/cables that are coming out of the monitor to an rca output or whatever i need to do to make the screen functional.


This sounds like a pretty cool project WHOADI .
If you do get the monitor seperated from the motherboard how are you going to make it light up?
Maybe TALLCOOL will get in here hell I think he works on monitors alot.


yea, i hope you guys can help me out. it would be a hell of a project.

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