help! I realy need some advice on wat to do. I have an Asus Travelmate514xv. when i plug it in, the cd drive light blinks, the power light blinks, and the cd drive makes a cliking sound. this happens whether the bnattery is in or out, or the cd drive is closed or open:evil: ( i had to open it manualy) please help! im fairly good with computers, but not that great with their parts!
:mad: :mad: :mad:

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A couple of questions:
1) When did this problem start?
2) What were you doing before this happened?
3) what are the specs on the machine?
4) You say you hear clicking, are you sure its coming from the cd rom and now the hdd?
5) Do you have a warrenty on your laptop?


this started like ayear ago, one day it just didnt work when i tried to turn it on. its an old windows 98 and i hardly used it, except when i needed to wright a paper and the other comp was taken(also it only makes the cliking noise when u hold down the power button, coming from both the speakers and from cd drive ( ya im sure)

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