I have an old pent.111 : 15 gig hd : 320 mem.
I just loaded win xp. It was loading fine up till the last 5 min. which took 30 min. However, it finnished loading. Whenever I try to load anything or even play pinball it may take 5 minutes to load if at all. If I ctrl alt del,
It takes a long time to go into the task manager. I can't run any programs. It does load right into desktop. Internet works.
I ran memtest and everything was good. So I would asume the processor is good. I would assume it could be a number of things.
Possible windows didn't load right. Maybe a faulty Hard drive. Power supply ? I wouldn't think it was the board. Any ideas

The problem is that you have an old computer that was never meant to run windows XP.

to minimize the amount of items running at the start up go to
go to the startup tab and disable everything isnt related to windows or isnt important.
Hope it Helps,

Problem solved. Formated and reloaded xp and it now runs fine.
A pentium 3 with enough memory will run xp with no problems.