I've got a PC, with a new Biostar M7NCD motherboard,

It was working fine until today when it rebooted itself on me and then every time I go to turn it on it just sits and beeps at me!

It Beeps for 1sec, then nothing for 4sec, then beeps for another sec and so on.
I'm not sure what this means, everthing powers on ok, but there is no display signal either.

any ideas?

Thanks Si

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Check that the display card or the RAM modules have not worked a bit loose in their slots. Those are the most likely options.


rite tryed that, took the ram out and gave it a blew,

now just before it boots in to the desktop after the WINXP logo, it say iv got a memory management problem on big blue screen???

thanks Si


Oh dear!

Simon, you DID turn off your PC and disconnect the power cord before touching anything inside it didn't you? There is power in the motherboard even after you've told Windows to "Shut down" unless you do that!

You may have a damaged RAM module. Try a different module in the PC to see if that makes a difference.


Yeah ,you should unplug and then hold the start button in for about 15 seconds or more to drain the powersupply also!

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