Hello Everyone,
This is my first post but i have been lookin around this site a little while and really like it here. But I do have a problem. I have a Tecra 9100 that will only post half of the time. sometimes, it will boot right up no problems. other times only the leds in the front light up with no hdd spin, but the fan kicks on and no post. I find that if i press the power button hard while turning it on, it generally boots. also, the mouse on the keyboard will only move side to side most of the time and move whenever you press the space bar key. I know this sounds wierd but its happening. Any help on this issue would be greatly apprecieated.
Thanks again,

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If you have to press the pwr button hard, it is probably a hw issue with the switch.

Thx for the response. I have since replaced that laptop but i just started having the issue with another one (same model). I have read that it is an issue with a short in the board. but the hard pressing of the power button doesnt work with this imparticular machine.

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