I'm almost too embarassed to post this problem as I am an IT professional supporting +a network of users over 2500 strong covering EMEA! I have a second laptop which I bought in January 2005, and it just won't stay on any longer. I have done everything possible and even taken it into work so that my colleagues could help out.
It starts up fine after it has been left alone for some days, runs smoothly and quickly for, oh, say 15, 20, 30 minutes, depending on it's mood. Then it just freezes!! You wouldn't know until you touch the mouse. A hardware shutdown and restart and it won't even blink. Leave it for 5, 10 minutes and it starts up again, this time running for only about 10 minutes or less. Process repeated and each time it runs for less the previous time. But each time, surely, it freezes again!!!
Any ideas?? I suspected HDD failure, ran tests and now think the cooling system and CPU need upgrading...:rolleyes: :?: Anyone??
And, nevermind your problems. I am here now and I spend my entire time helping people with PC problems. I'll try to plow through the list here as quickly as possible.

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From the sounds of it, The laptop is overheating. Next time you turn it on, feel the bottom after it shuts down or try to prop the backend up on a book or something to allow circulation beneath the notebook. Respond with results.
Hope it works,



Thanks for your response. I'd suspecte that already after having tried all ther stuff. As soon as I got home from work, I opened the back pat that covers the CPU and Fan. I placed the machine on a table in a way that that part is free of any cover. It is working. How do I change the cooling system and how do I improve the CPU's cooling ability

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