Can someone help me with this problem? I have a Gateway Solo 9150 that would not power on. After reading some posts I discovered that it was a bad dc jack that was keeping it from starting. I recently soldered on a new dc jack and the laptop does power on with the AC adapter - but only if the battery is not in the laptop. If I put the battery in with the adapter connected it will turn on for a second then off. If I put the battery in after the laptop is on and running it will just turn off. From what I remember (haven't used this laptop for a few years since it quit on me) I think the battery had plenty of charge in it when the dc jack broke. Any help would be great! Thanks

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If you lef the battery sit for a few years without recharging it occasionaly, the ressistance within the battery itsef if enough to drain the juice. It takes a long time, but few YEARS is more than enough. When you put in the battery, what happends is that it takes most of the available power comming from the psu and not enough is left to run the system. Only thing you can do is let it recharge. If it can be recharged any more, that is. (doubt it)

My wife's HP laptop had a similar problem after installing a new battery. It turned out that after contacting the manufacturer it was the battery, probably with a short in it.

Try getting a new battery.

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