computer just beeps and will not start up. HDD, all cdrom& everything getting pwr. replaced motherboard, tried new pwr sply, reinstalled amd duron 950 socket 462 cpu, was doing the same thing with old motherboard. thought it might be memory, removed 512m pc2100 from dimm socket, put in 256m sdram, old motherboard takes both, nothing!!! installed new motherboard still nothing!!! should i replace processor next? :confused: can any one help.

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The sequence of the beeps is important; each particular beep sequence is a BIOS POST error code which points to a specific problem (bad ram, faulty drive, etc.).

We can tell you what the error code means if you can tell us the make and version of your BIOS, and descibe the beep code (for example: one long beep-two short beeps-one long beep).

just won long beeb and ****bad chek sum(cmos)**** check system and press f1

reset your bios, thats usually done by removing a jumper on the mobo restart the pc, then u get a message the bos has been reset, then replace the jumper bam.....u good to go

it's toshiba lap top and idid not find any bios jumper

u should have an option to get to the bios when the laptop start. F1, F2, F11 or some thing maybe delete key

if that does not work remove the cmos battery, wait a few days then replace it with a new one.

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