I built my computer. New motherboard,cpu. When I put the cd burner in the computer would not boot at all. When I put a differant cd-rom in and it boots just fine. Is there any way to find out what is wrong or how to test it. And is there any way to fix it. If you need more info please tell me.

is the burner on the same ide chanel as the hard drive ,if so it it set to slave ,have you tried it on the secondary ide set as master .???

I tryed changing ide spots. I also changed jumpers on the burner. Nothing worked. If its bad would that make it not work or should the computer at least boot?

The computer should still boot if it were a bad cd burner,

Connect just the power cable to the drive, and not the IDE cable, and see if the computer boots. If not, then there is a short on either the +5v or the +12v lines in the drive. The computer power supply sees this short and will not power up the system.

I will try that to see if its the problem. If it is would that be an easy fix? An d how would I fix it?

I plugged in just the power to the burner and it did not turn on. Is there any way to fix the burner?

It appears that there is a short on the PCB somewhere. If you have a variable DC power supply, you could inject the 12 or 5 v to the appropriate pins and see which one is giving the trouble, and then troubleshoot from there. Unless you are able to troubleshoot down to the component level, I would say throw it in the garbage and buy a new one.

Thanks for the help. I might play around with it.

If you are comfortable working around this type of stuff, see if the spindle and stepper motors are turning freely and not binding.

Everything seems to be moving freely. There was a cd in it. Would that make a differance when I put it in for the first time in a new computer?

When I put the burner in it goes to the boot screen and acts like there is no HD in the computer. Any ideas?

So now the computer is at least booting up with the drive connected? The CD being in the drive would make no difference. The fact that the computer acts as if there is no HD means that the jumpers on the drive for master/slave are probably misconfigured. I usually have the HD as master on IDE1 and the CD as master on IDE2. Try this and see what happens.

I tryed that and all other possible ways with the jumper on the burner. I dont think I tryed changing jumpers on the HD, but I dont think I want to either.

if the hard drive boot with out the cdrom in don't change it unles you are slaving the cdrom to it thebn it may need to be changed to master with a slave .to get around this master them both ,with the burner on the secondiary ide chanel,i would take the burner back to where you bought it and get them to hook it to there computer to see if it works .