i reformated my computer and i for got to save all my drivers and now i cant install windows and how do u unzip them to a floppy disk
what is a good website to down load it from?

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also this is from a while back sorry i didnt respond... i just reformated my computer and im having a problem. :sad: i didnt make a back up of the drivers and now when i try to install windows its saying the drive is not ready and i dont have a driver floppy disk im trying to find a disk for a Hitachi GD-2500 dvd rom can anyone help. :cry: i dont know that much about computer but i know a little. im having trouble with drive E (this is a custom computer) im reformating my computer manualy without cd supportand what a BIOS

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Would you please find the driver attached. Extract these files to a Floppy Disk by selecting the floppy disk as your extract path. If you don't have either winzip or winrar, I suggest you download them. If you can't figure out how to extract directly to the floppy disk, just extract them somewhere onto your hard drive and copy the files onto the disk. To use these drivers, I suggest you read the readme file included in the zip file. Otherwise when you get to the command prompt, type as follows.


(then press enter to go to the floppy drive, if you're floppy drive is a different letter then use it in place of the "A", then type)


Then you can just follow the prompts.

Hope I helped


All that typing and I forgot to attach the damn driver lol.

Sorry about that, please find it attached on this post or just download it from http://www.cdrom-drivers.com/drivers/19/19876.htm

the cdsetup.exe is that what u type during reformating?

i did this and an errer message showed that there wasnt a cd-rom device driver found Press <enter> to exit

ok, try this then


that is after you get into the floppy drive. Other than that, try the readme file. I really hope this one works


Read the readme and boottime.txt, you'll find what you need in there.

than i get

usage: MSCDEX [/E/K/S/V] :<driver>...][/L:<letter>][/M;buffers]


Try that.
(Sorry for screwing you around)

its saying bad command

do u put it after

sorry about the wait im using 2 computers and 1 screen
do u have to space it out (copy it just like it is?)

where did u find all this info

That's ok, Gosh I'm stuck with this one. Sorry, but I helped as best I could, I'm just not that good with DOS.


Slade (I will keep trying)

do u know where u got ur info

this is the read me file

*** Release Notes for HIT-DVD.SYS Ver.1.00 ***
1. General

HIT-DVD.SYS is the device driver for DOS CD-ROM Extensions that supports

ATAPI CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives.

2. Command line switches of 'HIT-DVD.SYS'


DEVICE = [x:][\dir\]HIT-DVD.SYS /D:(device name) [/N:(number of drives)]

[/T:(drive type)] [/S:(base I/O address)] [/V]

(2) Meaning of switches

/D:(device name) Specifies "Device Name".

/N:(number of drives) Specifies number of drives to be supported by

this driver. Value 1 to 8 are valid.

If this switch is omitted, the driver will

search connected drives.

/T:(drive type) Specifies the first drive type to begin to


Definition of drive types are as follows:

/T: base I/O address master/slave


0 1F0h(primary port) master

1 1F0h(primary port) slave

2 170h(2nd port) master

3 170h(2nd port) slave

4 1E8h(3rd port) master

5 1E8h(3rd port) slave

6 168h(4th port) master

7 168h(4th port) slave

If this switch is omitted, it is the same as


/S:(base I/O address) Change IRQ number to the specified base I/O


base I/O IRQ No.

address without /S: with /S:

(default) (alternate)


170h 15 10

1E8h 12 11

168h 10 9

(1F0h) (14) (14)

/V Display installation information.

/B Use BIOS setting for data transfer.

3. Examples of installation

<Case 1> -- Using /N: and /T: switches together. This setting

will reduce the loading time of the device driver.


-- Search beginning at /T:2 installing maximum 2 drives.

<Case 2> -- Default is automatic search for all drives connected.


-- Install all drives connected to primary, 2nd, 3rd & 4th.

<Case 3> -- Using /N: switch to limit the maximum number of drives.


-- Install maximum of 2 drives while auto searching.

<Case 4> -- Using /T: switch to change the start of automatic search.


-- Search beginning at /T:2 (2nd port and master).

<Case 5> -- Using /S: switch to use alternate IRQ numbers.

DEVICE = HIT-DVD.SYS /D:MSCD001 /S:170,168

-- Auto search all drives using alternate IRQ numbers

for 170 (IRQ 10) and for 168 (IRQ 9). Use default

IRQ numbers for others (1F0 IRQ 14; 1E8 IRQ 12).

<Case 6> -- Using all switches together.

DEVICE = HIT-DVD.SYS /D:MSCD001 /N:1 /T:2 /S:170

-- Install only 1 drive starting search at 2nd port master.

Use alternate IRQ of 10 for 170.

The above specifications are subject to change.

Oct. 1, 1997

Hitachi, Ltd.

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No idea, guess it just gives users an idea of how helpful a person is. lol, I guess you can understand why mine remains at the default (10). Users can rate other users post, whether they were helpful or not, I think that affects the reputation. Sorry I couldn't help more.


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