Hi you all. I've got an A60 tosh that has an apparent short in the power socket. When you attempt to insert the barrel plug about 1/3 of the way in the ac adapter goes off. I assume it flips the internal protective breaker. So whatdya think? It was fine then I was letting a couple look it over and the next thing I know, it's shut down and the battery's dead. BTW, thanks for having this forum. It has been very helpful already, and I'm glad to have found it.

Well folks, I'm just not fitting in here. Maybe my intro wasn't up to snuff, who knows. Maybe you're just to busy with whatever it is you do... Thanks for letting me in the door, I'll just be heading back out now. Adios.

Hey you gotta renew the connection to the motherboard. I would sudjest taken some screws out of the area of the plug wedge it open and solder it. I used a hot butter nife to sneek in the side. The middle dot of solder will be the pin. Hold the power cord and adjust it into position when the solder is hot. But the proper way would take it all apart. I can give you the site:p just do it the red neck way

thanks I know 'redneck way' [:~)
I'll try replacing the plug... let you know

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