I just installed a new Asus Premium SLI motherboard.... I have been having the usual problems, but just when I thought I had it figured out and I was installing my programs, the computer decided not to recognize my DVD or CD drives.

I have four dvd drives. two of them are ide. one is usb and one is firewire. They all disappeared at the same time....

They are all listed in my Device manager, with a yellow X. I deleted them and tried to reinstall, but get a message that the drivers are either missing or corupted. (escuse my spelling).....

I cant reinstall windows, for the above reason.

I also have problems with my on board audio.... Got the audio working in the front of the machine, but the rear pannel will not play... I have tried many combinations and used words I havent used in a while, but to no avail...

Can anyone help....

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I think your motherboard is probably defected since all of the optical drives connect to the motherboard. I could be wrong of course.


Are your IDE drives being detected in the BIOS? If yes, then the board should be fine and your computer will boot off of the Windows CD. Try the usual checks though. Power and data cables tightly attached to the drives and the board.

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