:evil: Ok, this may take a bit of explaining...

I was getting a few errors from my old HDD, but i was just ignoring them.. cause i knew i was going to get a new hdd soon.. ok then one day i was just playing a game and my whole computer shut down... it loaded back up and came to the windows blue screen of death and had an error saying "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME"

i put the XP PRO cd in and tried to do a boot recovery and scan disk /r, but neither would work, the scan disk would get to about 65% and then just stop saying there were errors that couldnt be fixed...

Ive just bought a new 160gig hdd, and put it in as the master, and installed XP onto that, and have got the old stuffed HDD in as a slave.. but now in windows when i click on the D: it says

D:\ is not accessible
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

So, yeah DAMN!!! ive got like 40 gig of mp3s and important emails and all sorts on there that i really need to get back!!
can anyone help me!? :cry: :cry:

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Want me to type all that out again, do ya?


having the same problem. can't open above link,,,,,help!

by boot recovery do you mean you ran FIXBOOT from the recovery console?, if not thats where i would start. pop in the XP CD, go to the recovery console and just type in FIXBOOT.

having the same problem. can't open above link,,,,,help!

The site is offline temporarily. Try again later ;)

thanks. my problem is under laptop won't start . can you give it a look?

remove your harddisk and install it in another machine-put it as slave. try and see if you can access it. if you cant-cant help you! :idea: otherwise, you can use a recovery tool like from System Works, try using this. Also try running integrity check on that HDD to see if all folders are damaged. ;)

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