I have a lightly used Personal LaserWriter NT Laser Printer that has been incredibly trouble free and reliable for many years.

It recently produced a "Printer Needs Service" message.

Is it possible to still obtain service and/or parts for this model?

Is there anything I could possibly do myself to try to fix, i.e. swap out the drum or something?

Thanks much for any input.

Amy M.

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any idea what exactly is wrong ?

i had an old hp lazer circa 1989 expired on me and i got parts for it ok bu twas told some things, there are third party parts, others they are no parts at all

e.g if the circiut board goes your screwed ut you may be able, for example to find a comaptible drum

I'm afraid I don't have any idea what is wrong. For a short time previously, it had been printing sometimes, then not printing. After 2 or 3 times, it prompted with the message.



Thanks anyway. There is an Apple store not too far from me. I may take it in there and see what they have to say.

Have a great weekend.


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