Hi, excuse me if I am a bit vague but I am not a wizz on computers!!

I have a new e-machines pc, when I first brought it in January I set it up to test it and all was fine, I then sent it to friends in france, they have not even unpacked it since I sent it about 4 months ago, now when I have tried to set it up the monitor screen is completely blank, the power light comes on green then go's to amber, I have tried the monitor on another pc and it still dosent work, I have tried the hard drive on another monitor and that dosent work either, so I am assuming it is a problem with the hard drive, I have never taken a computer apart before, so can I ask for any ideas of what the problem could possibly be????

Many thanks

What about power differences 120V vs 240V? The computer would have to have a switch on the back to change it from european to american standards, but it wont necessarily.

Hi, thanks for replying, but it is not the power, it has now worked on another pc, but still not on this one, I have run out of ideas now!

Check and make sure all of the parts in the computer are firmly in place. If it was shipped things very well may have come undone from ther sockets.

Your computer will still turn on fine with a bad hard drive, or with even no hard drive at all...it just wont load up windows...

Hi, yes, I have checked, it all seems to be in place, it beeps four times on start up which I am taking to be a bad sign?!

No, actually that is a good sign. The beeps tell you whats wrong with your computer. I will try and find out what these mean for your comptuer.