Hi Folks

I have an iBook 500mg G3 iBook and it runs perfectly except for one thing: I cannot insert a blank CD in the tray. When I close the tray it spins for a second or two and then the door pops open. I have tried most everything I know but it still persists.

Any other CD or DVD works fine as long as it's not blank. Any help will be greatly appreiated.


OK .. I'd been struggling with this problem for a number of weeks - on a friends iBook ( I'm not sure of the Factory Config - but it is a G4 model from the A1005 Family).

Anyway - I've scoured the files on the Apple Support system with NO luck at all - and a number of other forums and support sites... that is until I came across a mention of resetting the PMU (Power Management Unit) by Yellow , here on DaniWeb Forums.

Thanks for the 'tip' Yellow. It may have been a 'long-shot' - but it WAS what worked! And after reading about the PMU - it was a very likely source for the 'current problem'.

Here's the URL Yellow gave: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=14449.

Read it. At the bottom you will find a list of PowerBook, iBook models .. is you don't know or can't find yours .. start clicking the links and look at the photos or read the descriptions. That's what I had to do - but it worked.

I read all the info and then sought out the appropriate method for a PMU reset and did it. VOILA! It worked.

Now ... I would suggest that this would be a good time to run a Disk Utility (like Disk Warrior) to check out the Disk and System.

But .. the CD Tray remains closed now. So - I hope this gets you all back in business.

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