First time poster so I may need a little more help than the average guy. I was computing away earlier this evening and I adjusted the laptop which put a little tension on the power cord, and subsequently, I now own a dead computer. It's as if I've somehow shorted the power input on the main board.

It seems pretty apparent because every single time I plug the power supply into the wall, I get a green light on the power brick. When I plug it into my computer that light immediately goes off (on the power brick) and nothing....nothing at all. Can't turn the computer on, don't see any lights or any signs of life...just death.

So, if it is a short on the board itself, is there any way to fix it? Tell me there's some switch on the board I need to flip to make my life better?

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The basic check we get people to do is remove power cord, remove battery, plug power cord in and attempt startup. This performs a reset.

If nothing happens there is a hardware fault.

Then we try to narrow it down:

1. Check fuse in power socket - in your case you have power to the PSU so it isn't that.

2. Any obvious damage to power socket on the laptop? Missing or loose pin. Loose socket casing.

3. Plug in battery and try powering from that only.

If there is obvious damage to the laptop socket, we take it in for repair. Ditto if it won't power from a battery we know has charge after a reset.

If there is any uncertainty over laptop AND psu or laptop OR psu, we take in both.

I've had a couple of cases where the psu light goes out (or flickers) and we always take the psu in for that and usually the laptop as well - even if it is working on battery - just to make sure it gets fixed first time around.

Is it under warranty?

From what you described, it could be that the socket has come away from the board (i.e. by straining the cable) or that the connection became intermittent and it has arced/sparked, causing MOBO damage.


I think it's the very last of your scenarios. Unfortunately it's not under warranty. But, against that theory, I didn't smell anything as if something was burnt. The thing won't work with just the batter, just the power unit or both. No life from it at all.


You wouldn't smell anything. One spark is enough, unfortunately.

The annoying thing is, they sometimes survive a hundred times worse.

At the moment, I'd suspect both the laptop and the PSU.

Another thought: if you inspect the cable to the PSU it doesn't look damaged, does it? We've had a few cases recently where the plastic has worn away and bare wires have touched and that's what caused the damage. It doesn't really help you, but the pressure you mentioned could have caused this if you had a damaged cable.


Well, in short, no.

It could be a case or one OR the other. But if you can't power up, there's nothing else you can do.

One absolute, final check: could you get it tested on another PSU at a store? If it won't power from that then that's it as far as the laptop goes without repair.

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