hi there, i have recently got my computer a new hard drive, because my old one got damagaed and unfortunately didnt work. i have 2 local disk (C and I) but 1 hard drive i think. it was originally drive C, but due to some partition problems (computer technician said) he had to make a local disk which is I.

my problem is i want my new local disk (I) to be my primary disk, and just make my drive C a local storage.

I also want my files, when im downloading, to automatically save to I:\ instead of C:\ because C is really small....
ex> I:\Program Files instead of C:\Program Files

C = 30 gb
I = 114 gb

ty in advance

From what i can gather, sounds to me like the tech. has installed one 'physical' Hdd that has been patitioned into two sections. These 2 partitions being termed, local disk C: and local disk I:

Also sounds as though your windows operating system, program directory etc have been retained on c: so keep it that way.

While keeping all your system operational files on c:, the logical thing to do would be to keep all your important documents ie. music, photo's, video's (including all your downloads) etc on patition I:

Access local disk I: through 'my computer' and set yourself up suitable filing system, with folders that display what you keep.

Then its simply a matter of 'moving ' the important documents that remain on c: into the relevent folders you have created in I:

You need to re-direct your downloads to the folders on I: by accessing tools>options>folders (or similar) at the host sites your D/L from!


If you are d/l from net site through your web browser try selecting 'save' instead of 'open' when promted.

If you are using a software client such as p2p, change direction using 'options' or 'preferences'.

oh ic..... ok ...k just one more question please.... how bout my program files?... do i just make a folder such as I:\Program Files ?

and would there be a way of saving all my programs @ I:\Program FIles .... im currently using windows XP

If you mean 'installed' programs in your program directory(folder that says 'program files'), leave them as they are along with all your operational system files(windows etc) on c: messing with these can disrupt your current system balance unless you know what your doing.

You can download new software programs straight to local disk I: and save them there, but it is only when these programs are installed on your system, that the necessary files are stored in 'program files' disk c:

'downloading' and 'installing' are entirely seperate issues however most people confuse them as nowdays its all done for you automatically.

o ic.. so what ur sayin is that i should save the files on I and install them on C.... because f i install them on I theres a chance that im going to be messing up with my Programs... is that right? hehehehe