im having a problem in my machine. my computer restarts randomly whenever i boot my computer and whenever i am playing games, but when i do normal things like surf and all other things except gaming it does not restart. can anyone tell me whats the problem? thanks. my video card is inno3d GF2 mx 400, rdram 256mb, intel s423 mobo, cpu 1.4 GHZ.

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It sounds like a definite hardware problem, and it looks as though you're running an older system, so it might be time to replace a part or two.

Are there any mechanical-sounding noises (such as clicking) when your computer restarts?

Have you installed any new hardware recently?

There are a few things you can check by swapping parts (if you have spares available, or can borrow some):


Power supply

Video card (try just using onboard, if you have it)


It's overheating. You should check the CPU and graphic card coolers. Probably needs cleaning.


It's overheating. You should check the CPU and graphic card coolers. Probably needs cleaning.

i just recently got my net connection back sory for the late post.

actually everything temp related is okay, when i play there always comes a point when it hangs or sudden reboot.the last time it hanged a blue screen shows up with it written below a problem about a cmaudio.sys file. is this a sound card problem? when i tried to msconfig and removed plug n play service i can play the game without hang but no sound. what can do? my sound card is a c-media


Well, a message like that can't be any more specific!

You could try removing and redetecting the driver in the Device Manager to see if that resolves the issue.

Or you could download the latest drivers and try reinstalling them.

If that doesn't work, the next step is to go for a full recovery and see if the problem still occurs after that. If it does then it is quite likely a hardware problem.


just downloaded and installed the latest driver, everything is good now. thanks for the advice, great help!

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