Hi all,

Had asked for assistance concerning the problem am having on my pc but it seemed only one person had a similar problem.
My hard disk space is just shrinking. I looked for the problem and found that in C:\WINDOWS\Temp something was just creating the following files: Acr4A, Acr4C, Acr52 and the number goes on and on. In a span of an hour it eats up to 1.5GB on my hard drive. So each time I have to manually delete these files as not only it eats up my hard disk space, it also slows my system down considerably.
I know little about the Registry but feel that's where the problem is from. Am trying to find out what creates these unnecessary files so I can get rid of it but fail to do so.
I have tried several anti-viruses but they all come out saying my system is ok.
Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it?

Any help you offer will be greatly appreciated.


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The acrxxx.tmp files are temp files created by Adobe Acrobat. The fact that they accumulate is a known problem; if the number of these files stored on your computer exceeds 65,536, your computer may actually crash when you try to work with PDF documents.

I don't know if there is a way to stop them from being created, but they can definitely be safely deleted. I use a helpful little tool written by called ATF-Cleaner, which quickly and automatically deletes old files like temp files, cookies, browser cache files, etc.



Thanks for the reply. will try your suggestion. I hope it solves the problem but thanks again for the response. will let u know how it goes.


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