i own a compaq 5410us, 1.3 celeron 512mb running windows xp home, i use this mostly for gaming and lastnight i went to bed and left my game running, when i woke up the screen was froze, i couldnt get cntl-alt-del to open up to close the window so i turned the power off to reboot, when i turned the power back on the monitor power came on but showed nothing at all, a strange audible alarm was going off and a small green light next to the power button was blinking. I thought at 1st it was the monitor was fried but it works with my brothers tower. Any advice?

Now the exact nature of this alarm would be interesting... was it a POST beep code, consisting of long and short signals or was it something else?

If it was a POST beep code, count the dashes (long) and the dots (short). Together with the information about who made the BIOS for your mainboard (or the exact model and make of your mainboard), this could be translated into a message from your computer then, maybe giving a good hint on what went wrong.

If it is a permanent warning beep of any kind that doesn't stop, it's most likely one of the fans (I'm afraid the CPU fan) has failed.

In any case it sounds like some piece of hardware died that night :sad:

is it possible its either my video card or mother board?

Both is possible. It sounds much like a dead video card. Would be good if you can try a borrowed one.