I've read through some posts in the forum and realised that a few people have the same or similar problems to what I'm experiencing. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any solutions.

Everything works fine on the laptop apart from the display which is so dark that the only way I can see it is by shining a light on it. The problem occured the night before I went away for 2 weeks so I can't remember anything that I did that may have caused this problem.

On start up, the windows logo flashes up at normal brightness and then the screen goes to its dark state. I'm not much of a pc expert so I wouldn't know where to start with disconnecting internal hardware or anything.

At the moment I've got my laptop connected up to an external monitor and the display is fine. Changing the brightness on my laptop doesn't change the brightness of the display at all. Any help would be much appreciated.


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I am not sure which solutions you tried but if this was not one of them it usually is the fix. There should be a fn key on your keyboard, hold that and repeatedly press the up arrow. Hope that helps, sorry if it doesn't.

Like I said, attempting to change the brightness (using the Fn and
up and down keys) doesn't make a difference at all to the brightness.

Thanks for your help anyway.

There is a tiny circuit board at the bottom edge inside your display.
It's called the inverter and it lights up your screen.
It is trying to come on at first and then failing, first replace inverter and then replace backlights.
If your not a tech then start looking for replacement lcd assembly, they are on Ebay.

Thank you very much for your response. That sounds like it's most likely the problem, it's just a shame I don't live in America. Finding a replacement assembly may be quite hard.

Same problem here...and thanks to the comments above the 1150 is back up and running. Some words of warning........go to the Delll website and dowload the Service Manual......MAJOR help in dismantling the thing to GET to the inverter board. Also....beware......my orig inverter was placed into its bracket with two-sided tape.....had to use a dental pick to pry it out....be sure to disconnect at both ends firts. Found the new one on eBay for $25.00. Thanks once more for the help of those above me. Silkey

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