my problem is that i have formated my thinkpad 365xd and when i went to install win98 from the cd , its starts up with the thinkpad logo and then tells me INVALID SYSTEMS DISK ????:sad:

can anyone help

thinkpad 365xd nofloppy just a cd/rom drive


So i thought daniweb was supposed to be HELPFUL

does anyone know why its telling me invalid systems disk ,,,on the startup even when theres no disk in the cd rom ?????


thats because you formatted it and wiped windows which its set to boot by default

to get it to boot from the win98 cd you need to hit one of the F keys (F10 or F2 i think - its a different F key from the one for the BIOS) and select CD-ROM

Thank you for reply
ill give it a go

its come up with an 301 error and in the bios its wont let me change the start up ?

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