I have a 7800gs with 2 x 512 mb 400 ram. I like playing battlefield but dont know if making my ram 1.5 gig will help me to improve gamplay or will it just load quicker? And if theres a big improvment should i go for corsair ram as its said to be for gamers? What will it improve?

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i got 1gig of generic dell and an x600 it played bf2 fine. I later upgraded 1.5 then 2 . theres not that much difference for 512mb more but for a gig more theres a big diff. Generic ram does me fine no need for corsair in my opinion


thanks ill maybe get 2 gig of ram then. But what difference do you get is it loading speed or performance of the game?


Hit ctrl + alt + del and click performance. See how much swap ur using while running battlefield.

If you run out of ram it uses swap which is slower as its hard disk (mechanical) rather than RAM (speed of light)

Each meg of ram will improve performance and loading times to some extent (mainly its due to connection speed)

but after you have enough ram to keep most of the game out of swap there is a really sharp increase in performance,

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Which is whay 2 Gb of ram helps alot with BF2. If you'll notice in the task manager it uses ober 1 gig of physical ram quite often. What you'll get with 2GB is more stutter free play (smoother). It helped my machine alot with that title. Other titles it didn't make much of a difference.

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