i have recently purchased a lifeview cardbus off ebay but the multi audio video cable was missing could anyone let me know where i can get one from it is the red white yellow and black multi cable on this web page


The cables that you're missing are pretty much standard. You can get them in any PC or TV hardware store.

i have looked on the internet for these multi cables and cant find anyone who supplies them, i have tried ebay and a seller said he may be able to get his supplier to supply one sometime after xmas but i could do with it before xmas

I guess, you'll have to go to the store then. Funny that e-bay wouldn't have cables like that. Anyway, those things come with cables, so if the lifeview cardbus is brand-new, you can demand replacement. You can always use 75 ohm coaxial your TV uses.


The "TV Antenna" jack (I think has a tread) practically doesn't need any adopter/jack/cable.