My problem is that when i start my laptop it goes through the bios set up with the suspend to disk message (ram upgrade) then to a blinking currser on the screen.Cannot boot from a floppy or get the cd rom going at this point. Now with the harddrive out it will boot to missing operation and will boot from floppy and load the boot driver from floppy. but yet not start cd rom at this point. So what we have here is a comp. that wont start the harddrive or cd rom. I did take the hardrive fdisked it and tested and loaded xp on it in another laptop so i know it works. Now my bios sees both of them but no go.When my desktop gets all jawed up i just go in and trip the cmos and that cures a lot of my messing around. The point is that i dont think i have that option here to default it and to flash it ,i need the cd rom working. Im running out of options here, has anyone came accross this problem before.:o

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I flashed the bios and now it sees the harddrive but only 14 gig out of 40 gig so now now i will find some kind of patch to see all of the harddrive. I done this a few years ago so i know its out there

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