hello ppl i would like to know what i should know what to do about my cpu freezing in the middle of the game cuz every time i play for 5 to 10 mins it freezes and i have to reset it and sometimes it freezes on the desktop as in not in the game

my cpu specs are

system info

processor : Intel pentium 4 CPU 1. 50 GHz

operating system : Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2

DirectX version : 9.0c

graphics card info

processor : Geforce 6200oc agp 128 mb ddr

Forceware version :91.31

TV encoder type : NVIDIA Intergrated

if u guys have any idea of how this happens plz tell me!:sad:

well most likely your cpu is not freezing it is more likely a problem with windows itself like you have a lot of junk files taking up memory either that or you dont have enough system memory to run the game for long periods of time.

Yep, sounds like a memory issue... you could try defragging if you haven't in awhile. But, your best bet to solve this problem would be memory.

How is the temp and airflow in your case? I had the same problem when my CPU was overheating. You can easily test this by opening your case and placing a house fan to blow directly on the motherboard. If your performance increases look into adding additional fans.