my nvidia 6600 is screaming.

ok, i was poking through my case and bumped it, when i turned on the comuter the card starter screaming. i think when i bumped it the seal of thermal paste between the fan and the gpu became broken

i just wanted to know if this is a correct theory

im going to go get some thermal paste this afternoon, ill tell you if this fixes the problem

GPU fan was likely - simply knocked off kilter.

It is most unlikely that it is the video card or the CPU that is 'screeming'. For that screeming sound to happen there needs to be a speaker. The most likely culprit is the dial up modem PCI card. You should remove the card and re-seat it. Make sure that you turn the computer off before you do this, and if possible wear a static wrist strap attached to the case.
Also the 'paste' between the CPU and the heatsink-fan assembly is very mobile(runny) when it is hot. Its purpose is to transfer heat, not to 'seal' or 'stick' the apparatus together.

screaming as in the not from a speaker like something touching something at high speeds....

What does dhhewitjr say - need some feedback from them!

Yep, I have a similar problem, and it's a terrible experience playing a game, when the video card tries to turn its speed up. The fan belts the metal fan casing around it constantly, reminding me every day why I was going to order a set of fanless VGA heatsinks off NewEgg. :)

Hi BeastoverlordH6
Gee, thats terrible. The fan should not behave like that at any speed. If it is a design fault then consumer protection laws should enable you to return the card, (they do here in my conutry if the goods do not behave in the way that they should). But it could be that the fan has become unbalanced in some way and needs replacing.