Hello everyone

I currently have a pretty decent computer running except for the video card which came with the motherboard. I have just recently started playing Final Fantasy XI on it and it works...Okay but I plan on playing RF online pretty soon and I just know my video card wont cut it. I currently have a Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics controller 64MB.

RF online has a requirment of 256 I believe.

I want to upgrade to a new video card to enjoy my gamming life just a little more but am stumped at to what to get. I have about 300-500 to spend on a new card and just dont know which type to get or what would be compatible with my system.

Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Yea, you have... a chipset.

Kay... first, I ask you open your case.
Below the processor is a set of rectangular, beige-colored ports.

Is the port closest to the processor...

1.) Beige = http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814139166 (PCI card)
2.) Orange or brown = The link on my signature will do nicely. :cheesy: (AGP card)

Now, I'm picturing you're not messing with a board with PCI Express, but, if the first port is not beige, orange, or brown, or has a 1/3 size port below it, then I recommend this daddy:

Thank you so much on your answer. I was trying so hard to figure out what type of card was needed and could figure it out. When I looked into my PC I found a beige port closest to the processor but next to that further away was a brown port with a sticker on it. The sticker said:

"Do not use AGPx2 (3.3) card. Using 3.3V AGP will damage the board.
Befer you install AGP card, Please remove this label and read the attached notice first."

Does that in anyway modify what type of card I should get? lol I'm sorry I'm such a noobie at this.

Well, the card I was prescribing in my signature uses what is known as AGPx8, or AGP8x, more commonly. The multiple relating to speed and capacity of the video card. In any case, you have an AGP port. Your port says specifically no AGPx2 (old as hell), which works at more than double the voltage of the GeForce 7800GS, a card that uses 1.4/1.5volts.

I also ask how old this machine is, as the voltage is okay, but the GeForce 7800GS requires a bit of system power. Your power supply, usually a big grey box above the processor (lots of power cords out of its back) controls this factor. The card stats say you need a 350watt power supply. So on the inside of your case, check the stickers on the box and see what info you can dig up. Even so, if you're getting the card, I wouldn't touch it without a 450 watt.

The problem is, I don't know what you're using as far as computer builds. If you can supply me with a model name and company, I could find out alot about what your system could do with this situation.