I have a hard drive problem with my armada 7800 6266/t/8000/d/0/1 laptop computer. (Windows 2000 will not start) I just purchased a desktop hp 1647c. I would like to connect the laptop hd to the desktop. I need to move the data. Please help!!! specify the adapter needed and possible source. Thanks


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Thanks, I saw alot of 2.5 in hd adapters but I was concerned when I measured the connector on the hd and it was 1 3/8 in. It does not look like the adapter connections that I could find on ebay or comp usa. Does the 2.5 in refer to the with of the hd or the length of the connector? The hd has a part # 315081-001 on it. Thanks again for any help.


It is diameter of the disc inside (not the whole drive nor the jack), if I'm not mistaken. Laptops = 2.5 inch, Desktops = 3.5 inch.

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