After a conversation with my very knowledgable local supplier.. I walked out with a vague impression that you could for instance, hook up a v fast dual proccessor pc to a G4 via a high speed network connection .. and, while working in OSX on the G4, use the pc as extra proccessing power and RAM ... not to mention hard drive space. Is this possible? It's just my g4 is very reliable under most situations and I'm looking at getting a G5 to run PhotoshopCS2... but if it's cheaper and handier to get extra proccessing power this way I would be tempted. Any opinions? ... As I said before ... great discussion boards... v informative!

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You can network the two computers, but as far as share processing power, that's up to the software you're using. I know Studio Max has the capability, as with other major 3D modelling packages. I think with photoshop, you'd be able to do little more than use the PC for a scratch disk.


Thanks Phaelax.. interesting... I wonder if Studio Max can do it... (I don't use that one) ... it must be possible to get a basic program which combines the two machines at OS level... I'll have to do a web trawl and see if there is anything....

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