ok so.

One day i came home to find my computer dead after a lightening/thunderstorm. and well i didnt try to do anything about it till today. i get no juice whatsoever from the powersupply. no juice anywhere. i get a new power supply and install it today, and same exact thing happend. no juice anywhere. now my assumption is im just installing the PSU wrong. but im just wondering before that, coudl the power supply be only one of the issues. ie. could my motherboard have shat the bed? im still not getting any juice period to the power supply. so i dunno thats why i think i just hooked it up wrong.

but im in fear that my ASUS p5nd2 is anhialated. not so good.

but can anyone assist me

much appreciated.

Unfortunately, a power surge from lightening can take out fry everything in your computer. Do you smell an electrical burn inside the case? Do any of the chipset appear to be burnt?


It does not appear to have any burnt smells etc. As for the chip sets basically the same thing it all seems kosher except for no juice whatsoever. the lousy thing is this was a 2000 dollar rig i built with S H of all the parts aye aye yae