Hi my name is Karen, I am new to this. I have been searching for answers online and need a little further direction on what exactly is wrong with my laptop and I came across this site, I hope someone can help me!

I have a Toshiba Satellite A20 that I bought about 3 years ago. It has a relatively new HD in it (because it died once already) but most recently something developed with the screen (unrelated to the HD).

It started a few months ago that when ever I turned it on the screen would have a red hue to it, but after running for a few minutes this would go away. I understand that this might be the LCD lamp? But two days ago I turned it on and the screen began shaking. Almost as if I was watching something in fast forward. I understand this might have something to do with a loose connection. It does stop and start. I tried moving my screen slightly but that didn't change much.

As long as I have my problems clear, and correct me if I am wrong, all I need to do to correct the screen shaking is to clean off the connectors. Now my question, where and how do I do that? Or is my comp on the way out?

Thank you!

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Try this link,I couldn't see you're particular model but my guess is the lcd's are all fairly similiar


It's better than nothing but if you just want to see a very nicely laid out instruction process(It IS going to differ from your screen but it's a great general look at how it's done) check out the dell support site and pick the manual for any of their notebooks screens


Karen, From what I have seen the Sharp manufactured LCD displays that Toshiba used in the A20's and other Toshiba laptops from around the same time period have many problems with the backlights, and the shaking you are seeing is just interference from the bulb going bad and arcing internally. A company based out of IL called MicroMedics (www.micromedics1.com) I know is able to fix that problem and most other laptop problems. You may want to hit them up. I don't know how much fixing/replacing your screen would cost but I have had good luck with them in the past when I have had laptops of mine fixed, both under service plan contracts and out of my own pocket.


Thank you for the help. I tried cleaning off the connectors from the monitor and that didn't help so it must be the bulb. I will have to get a proffessional to check it out...


I am having the exact same issue, so I will get a new bulb.
I have already replace the HD and the monitor hinges, and the cord...so I'll spend
another bit of cash to get it back. My other issue is the plug isn't connecting great.
It will be plugged in and I have to wiggle the connector to ensure the laptop (and battery) is receiving power.

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