I have been having problems over the last few months with my PC rebooting. It mainly seems to be whenever I view a high res video or browse through large photo files.

This is the event report, if it helps:

Error code 0000009c, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 8054d370, parameter3 c4104000, parameter4 00000136.

I have the following spec:

Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon XP2800+
NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200

Not sure how to find out more details about my system. Thought it might be overheating at first but it doesn't seem too hot and I don't see why it would be any different from before as nothing has changed?

Can anyone help? I'm worried it might crash one-day and not restart!


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yah overheating maybe this happens on my dell when i play bf2

is this machine a novatech?
my friend has one of thier barebones ones and it does this


tried to give the machine as much space as possible to stop it getting too hot.

trying to play Counterstrike at the moment and as soon as I try to log on to a server it reboots.

Happens even if I've just started the computer up from cold.

Is this still likely to be overheating, Ive updated drivers? If so, how can I resolve it?



Does it give a blue screen just before it restarts?

Will it restart immediately after shut down?

Does your BIOS have a CPU temperature monitor in it?

Can you run a RAM test to check all RAM is OK? It might be when certain memory is accessed by large applications.

The thing that points at it possibly being something else other than overheating is that it does it when you do the same thing each time (log on to a server, or play video).

Is there any reason why you can't do a clean install and then test it after that? If it still does it, it is most likely a hardware problem, but at the moment - unless you can prove it is overheating beyond doubt - it could easily be down to software issues.

They turn off for all kinds of reasons.

Unless the vents are actually blocked, given the machine space won't do that much. If the CPU is overheating for example, it is down to the seal between the heatsink and the chip, and the performance of the high-speed fan on top of it. Just wafting a bit of air on to the outside can be misleading sometimes.


this happened to my dad stupid windows update installed an incorrect driver for his gfx card causing reboots

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