I'm New to this ... I'm Upgrading a MSI 6178 Mobo. from a 700mhz Celeron to a 1.3Mhz Celeron. Fitted the to cpu and now I cant get the screen to switch on and I'm unable to make any changes if needed to the bios or system setup :(

Can someone help me with the basic process here?

TIA Chris

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Doubt you will ever get an 810 board to work with that Celeron due to the FSB and other hardware differences.

Spec's on Celeron 1.3ghz - Spec number SL5ZJ
Bus Speed 100Mhz
Bus/Core Ratio 13
L2 Cache 256kb
Core Stepping 06B1
Thermal Spec: 1.5v
Core Voltage: Unknown

Spec on MSI - 6178
FSB 66 to 150Mhz (incl 100)
Chipset- VGA supports upto 133Mhz FSB
Video is GMCH chip intergrated, Onboard 4MB Display Cache.
supports 366 ~ 600mhz or higher, the 700mhz ran sweet as...

So in Therory "101" It should do the job?? What have i left out?

Well there's theory and Therory :)

I swapped back to the old 700mhz and tried to reset Cmos/bios settings to run the Celeron 1.3mhz. So I swapped to the 1.3 again and still would'nt run :(

It was a bit like "put your left foot in and shake it all about, do the hokey pokey" and it still wont work.

Might try to find someone who is running a 1.3mhz in a similar board.



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