I'm New to this ... I'm Upgrading a MSI 6178 Mobo. from a 700mhz Celeron to a 1.3Mhz Celeron. Fitted the to cpu and now I cant get the screen to switch on and I'm unable to make any changes if needed to the bios or system setup :(

Can someone help me with the basic process here?

TIA Chris

Doubt you will ever get an 810 board to work with that Celeron due to the FSB and other hardware differences.

Spec's on Celeron 1.3ghz - Spec number SL5ZJ
Bus Speed 100Mhz
Bus/Core Ratio 13
L2 Cache 256kb
Core Stepping 06B1
Thermal Spec: 1.5v
Core Voltage: Unknown

Spec on MSI - 6178
FSB 66 to 150Mhz (incl 100)
Chipset- VGA supports upto 133Mhz FSB
Video is GMCH chip intergrated, Onboard 4MB Display Cache.
supports 366 ~ 600mhz or higher, the 700mhz ran sweet as...

So in Therory "101" It should do the job?? What have i left out?

Well there's theory and Therory :)

I swapped back to the old 700mhz and tried to reset Cmos/bios settings to run the Celeron 1.3mhz. So I swapped to the 1.3 again and still would'nt run :(

It was a bit like "put your left foot in and shake it all about, do the hokey pokey" and it still wont work.

Might try to find someone who is running a 1.3mhz in a similar board.



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