I need a heat sink/fan to sit on top of an Athlon Xp 2800+. I would prefer it to be AMD recommended and be able for it to handle up to an athlon xp 3000+. I seriously cant find anything.
I need this ASAP
Thank you

Got one.
Here for anyone that cares.

Just because it says that this is an AMD recommended cooler does not mean that AMD will honor the warranty if you use it. AMD will only warranty the cpu if you use the original thermal TIM and original heatsink/fan combination shipped with the retail chip. All the info is on their site if you search it. You can also search google too for all the discussions about voided warrantys and such. If you are going to buy a heatsink get a good one like the SLK-800U and pick a good fan. It can be had for about $34+shipping and is worth every penny. KDComputers has had the best price on these for some time.

Thermalright SLK-800u


AMD Thermal Grease & Warranty Info discussion on Xtremetek.com

thanks, i was just saying amd recommended cause if they do then it has to be good but that thing looks quite beastly.

i accept u r answer but the basic need of a pc is its basic hardware,its just like bones of human body,so if the basic requirement of a computer is not good there is no use of upgrading it,it needs a gud mother board,high perfomance processor ,normal ram for its proper working,then it need hard disk,smps,monitor,keyboard,etc..but i also want to convey that there is a chance to reduce its performance by installing pc games,hope u also agree with that..

as my openion i believe that u r pc has got an heat sink with u r processor,another heatsink with u r smps,if u can find these 2 as i said earlier in required places then u r system is safe,but make shure that u r cpu cabin is closed and it have small holes to transfer heat from heat sink to out side through collent fan connected to it

from u r cumments i can understand that u r procesor is not having acollent yet,it makes high risk to u r system,as i know u cant get a new heatsink fan to buy and connect,u need to search second hand system or in computer servicing centers

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