The Voxzone X100P is a single FXO interface for connecting the Asterisk PBX server to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Voxzone X100P is 100% compatible with the Digium X100P and the Asterisk PBX .

Using Voxzone X100P and the Asterisk PBX, one can easily such services like callback services(need 2 cards), calling card business, voip gateways and IVR.

Implement your own fully functional PBX with all the bells and whistles. Its as easy as getting a voxzone X100P card and loading the free Trixbox V1.2 CD in your spare PC. So why delay? get a voxzone X100P card and get your home on VOIP.


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would it enable me to initiate outbound calls!!

I have trixBox , asterisk PBX, and I want to enable calls from inside the local network to out side it!!
I have read and figured that solution is to use the Zaptel Hardware, am I in the correct way or I missing something,

I have a lot of other missing parts to complete the job, but this is the start so that I need it to be in the correct path,

would you help me understand what should I do to make that possible , please ?
links, tutorials any possible resource

Thanks in advance

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