I am wanting to by a new LCD monitor (Hanns.G 19 inch HU196D LCD 8ms with DVI monitor) to be exact.

I'm running an ol'd 810 Chipset MSi-6178 Mobo. Win98se - At some stage I will update but it's not a big thing at this stage - I have all the grunt I need.

Now the board has the old 15pin VGA connectors.

If I understand what DVI is correctly ... I'ts just an enhanced screen image processor ... it make more images appear faster like TV... basicly? I'm not into gaming just the normal officer user.

Problem - Can I connect the new monitor to my old MOBO conections or do I need a more Uptodate Mobo with a special DVI conector - if this is what it's all about? :eek:

Can someone advise me please?

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Hi Chris,
The DVI is basically a digital format, while VGA is anlog, thus the DVI images are crisper and the signal is less influenced by noise.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvi)

No you cannot connect the DVI male connector to VGA female. You've got to get a video card that has a DVI female connector.

Although there are adapters for connecting VGA monitors to DVI connectors, not vice versa.

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