my pc keeps rebooting even if don't do much...

and windows keep saying i have this problem...

Error Message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER (Q293078)

my pc's specifiaction
nvidia geforce 6200 256mb,
p4 2.00ghz,
1 256mb 266mhz ram,
1 512 mb 266mhz ram

the windows error report say i have a graphics problem so i tried both recomendations

1--install the most recent driver and
2--manually decrease hardware acceleration

but still does not work...

help... thanks:D

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do you have sonic record now in you pc?
of you do uninstall it, i downloaded that software from downlo0ad.com and it gave me rebooting problesm and blue screens
do you have onboard video?
anyway try to installing a old driver and laos run an antivirus check to see if software is causing this
if you have onboard video and have a video card installed unplug you video card and try with the onboard video to check if its the video cards problem
if its not then then back up and reformat,....
but try rolling back first


only use either the onboard graphics or the add-on card at any one time. not both together.

this does seem weird though.

oh.. if you have PCanywhere... take it off. its known to cause problems like this.

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