Okay this is what i get when i reboot my viao:

CPU = Intel (R) Pentium (R) M processor 1.70GHz
639K System RAM Passed
510M Extended RAM Passed
2048K Cache SRAM Passed
System BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
Fixed Disk 0: K
Mouse initialized
System Configuration Data updated
0200: Failure Fixed Disk 0

Press<F1) to resume, <F2> to Setup

if i press F1: it say... Operating System not found
if I press F2: it takes me to the bios page...BUT i cant really change much.

if I go to Boot in BIOS, go down to Hard disk drive and expand it THERE IS NOTHING!

Then if i go to exit: go to get default values and save it reboots back to the above info!

I dont know what else to do! I havent tried to input a hard drive or update windows xp or nothing. It just turned it self off!

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In the BIOS check to see if SMART is enabled and if it is check to see what its status is. Is your hdd making any unusual noises?

thanks so much for responding so quickly. I have checked everywhere in the bios. it doesnt give me much to click. but i dont see SMART anywhere. Nope hy hdd drive isnt making any noise.

What BIOS is you computer using, and what model is your viao?

When you look in the BIOS does it show you hdd in the boot order?

Are the hdd settings in the BIOS set to autodetect?

When you start your computer can you hear the hdd spin up?

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