Hope someone can shed some light on this problem......

While trying to install a second HDD (sucessfully, at first!), when I came to restart the PC I got a blank screen, with no sign of the hard drive(s) booting up.

I sourced an alternate motherboard (same make - P4 4 socket 478) and swapped he old one out, but still nothing. The HDD's don't appear to be doing anything when I power on. I've got power to the motherboard OK (fans working) and I've removed/replaced all the connectors to make sure they were all OK. Still nothing. The monitor doesn't show any activity and the HDD activity light on the front of the PC is staying unlit.

PC is a HP Pavillon T340, P4.

Any ideas?

TIA, Kevin

Have you checked the master/slave jumpers on the HDDs?

Have you checked the master/slave jumpers on the HDDs?


Yes, the one that was originaly in the PC hasn't been changed. I changed the 2nd HDD to act as the "slave" - and as I said, it worked OK initially. It was after I'd removed the files from HDD # 2 and put everything back togther that it wouldn't boot.


i am not a wizard at this but my cousin installed one for me last month and i know you have to go into setup and let the system know it's there.

a better choice would be to change both hdds jumpers to CS (cable select) that eliminates all possibilities of a misconfiguration, and also works better on some MBs.

if that fails, I'd take the HDD back to the store for a replacement

Another point to consider is that on some drives, the jumper setting "single" is different than "master"...... I've had PC's come in with one drive set as "single" (which was technically correct.....) then when a second/slave drive was added, the box just got stupid.

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