Battery power only, it boots and display screen has a pink tint to it but not very bright. With ac power, it will boot up but a few seconds into the boot process the screen will go blank. However the computer is still on, hard drive led is active but no display. I have worked with computers for a long time, but have never seen this before. Help!

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it might be the vga cable connection.

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Did you figure out how to fix this? I'm having the same problem.

it might be the vga cable connection.

Your backlight is bad, and it is overloading your inverter causing an automatic shutdown. Replace your backlight. It isa thin, long flourescent tube in the bottom of your LCD. Tough to do, but with patience and a small set of screwdrivers, possible. Good luck and repost.

inverters are pretty cheap, you could get one for 20 bucks, and it's easy to replace them.

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