So I'm not a real expert when it comes to buidling PC's, I have some friends that are though, and they built me a machine about 2 years ago. Everything was fine on it until about a year ago when a burning smell was coming from inside. The computer never froze, and we opened it up and located the smell coming form the motherboard; something had fried. But I'd not had a problem with it freezin up on me or anything for a year since then. But suddenly the other night in the middle of a game the computer restarted, and wouldn't boot into windows. I turned it off, figuring it had overheated, and let it sit for about an hour. I came back, turned it on, and had no problems. Left it on overnight, and when I used it this morning, seemingly no problems till I started a game again, and suddenly *blink* the things shuts down. Every time I tried to restart I'd hear a strange beeping coming from inside. At first I thought it was the MoBo, but when I pulled out the video card and started it up, I heard a completely different beep, different pitch and coming from a different spot. Is it the video card beeping?

I've tried the limited number of tricks that I know, from pulling everything out and making sure the fans were all working to replacing what wires I could. But now the computer won't even start. I hit the power button and the fans will barely spin for a second and then stop. Power supply? Motherboard fried? I have no idea, I'm not too good with the technical stuff, so any help you guys could give me would be great before I haul the machine in to pay someone to tell me what's wrong with it.

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it sounds like your motherboard is quite frankly in need of replacing. this should have been done in the first instance when you located the smell of burning coming from within it. Not only could your board be dead but also your CPU too.

beeps mean something... what board is it?? make model etc
what is your bios manufacturer

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