I learned about this site a few days ago, and it has already helped solve one of my problems, so I thought I'd ask another question.

I am looking for an external hard drive. I found a great buy on amazon.com, its a SimpleTech 250gb external hard drive for $104. The reviews on Amazon.com for the product were mixed. People either loved it, or hated it. What is your suggestion for a new HD? Is SimpleTech a decent product line?

Thanks, Robert

The problem with reviews from consumers is that they are always biased. Either the product worked for them and there for it is great, or they had a problem and it's a p.os..

Simple Tech is ok, but I do have a preference for Maxtor, Seagate, or Western Digital, and not necessarily in that order.

Just curious here, why a external hdd?

I want an external HD, because I got a digital camera as a gift a month ago. I want to be able to store my photos, along with all my friend's photos. Sort of like a community photo/video album among my family/friends. I also would like to back up all my important documents and information. I doubt if I will ever fill up a 250gb drive even HALF way, but oh well.

That explains why you want a extra hdd but not why a external opposed to a internal one.

There are some connectivity advantages with a internal hdd.

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