I have a new HP, well it is a year old but just pulled out of the box yesterday. Yesterday the computer was working great but this morning when we went to turn it on there was a power light, fans running, but the HD is not loading. I have checked the cables they are all tight and in properly, I pulled the power supply installed a new one, also put in a HD out of my other HP that works fine and still nothing but the power light and fans. I also took the HD out of the new computer and put it in my other tower and it works. I am thinking that it is the mobo, but not totally sure. HOw can I check this before I go out and spend the money on a new MOBO?

Thanks for any help

Did you try another monitor?

yes, I did try another monitor. I am going to buy a video card right now to see if that might be the problem. I found out that my Husband didnt hook up the back up battery or the surge protector and it got blasted with a big blast of power all at once.

It was the video card thanks for your help.