i don't know much about computers but i am having one built for me. my question is: can i get a sound card that has DD 5.1 with an optical output and hook it up to the optical input on a DD audio receiver? from what i've seen it looks possible but i'm getting confused. any help is welcome. thanks.

Now. Let yourseft check the software come with your soundcard. Maybe u will see a test spearker function or another interesting functions that useful with u. Plz give me more detail about ur system,( model of Soundcard, speaker,..), then I able to help u so. :D

Well i know most new 5.1 sound cards come with one, but if you pist a link to info about the sound card or the name of it then me or someone else can look up and see. But normal if it has it, then it will be on the list of functions of features.

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